We Integrate Social Media Into The Wider Marketing Mix

We are a new generation social media agency focused on harnessing the commercial power of the social media.

We integrate social media marketing into the wider marketing mix to ensure our clients receive a much greater commercial payback.

We don't put social media marketing on a pedestal. We treat it like every other marketing tool and we firmly believe it must produce a tangible, measurable and commercial return or it's not worth doing.

We have two specialist social media websites including Only Linkedin but in a nutshell this is what we do:

  • Develop social media strategies with a hard commercial edge
  • Deliver campaigns which produce a visible commercial return
  • Produce commercially engaging social media content
  • Monitor and moderate thousands of digital platforms including chat forums, blogs and sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
  • Remove damaging material from the web
  • Measure the commercial impact of what we achieve

Finally, we urge you to check out the Linkedin Academy - a growing educational resource for those interested in learning about the social media.


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