Protecting Your Good Name

A good name is a person's most valuable asset but a reputation built over years can go up in a puff of smoke because of a careless aside or a reckless action.

Worse still, a solid reputation can be destroyed at the whim of a newspaper editor, a revengeful journalist or a controversial blogger - not to mention whispered chatter on the internet.

Think back over the last month and you will be able to name several well known public figures whose reputation is now in tatters because of what's been said about them in the press, broadcast media or internet.

Once-upon-a-time negative stories in the newspapers would be forgotten in the twinkle of an eye as newspapers had a shorter life than a carton of milk.

Not any more. Every word written about you in newspapers, magazines, social media sites and websites will last for years to come and new business associates looking to find out about you will invariably trip over the negative stories - even if they have no substance.

It's why business leaders the world over are taking personal brand management so seriously.

They know that a blighted personal brand can have a disastrous impact on their companies.

It's why company bosses are increasingly launching their own websites to ensure the world gets the real story - not something slanted and stunted by the media.

Only Communications is at the forefront of personal brand management. In fact, we coined the phrase.

What we do varies from client to client but menu of activity includes:

  • Developing personal brand strategies
  • Creating official personal websites
  • Posting official news releases, photographs and video interviews on personal websites
  • Issuing selected material to approved journalists
  • Handling all media enquires on behalf of our personal clients
  • Monitoring the press, broadcast media and internet on their behalf
  • Immediately rebutting negative and untruthful reports
  • Taking action to remove untruthful stories and comments from websites, chat forums and social media sites

What we give our clients is peace of mind. They know that with us their reputation is in safe hands. 


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