The Leading Gender Marketing Agency In North America

Only Communications is North America's leading gender marketing agency.

We are unique in having separate teams specializing in:

  • The PR and marketing of brands aimed a women
  • The promotion of brands aimed at men

Clients sometimes ask why we have two distinct teams.

The answer is simple - we understand that men and women are different and what appeals to women will sometimes not connect with men.

As marketers we accept that men and women often come from different positions and the two sexes often think and act differently.

We see these distinctions as powerful marketing opportunities for brands that want to maximise sales to men and women.

When it comes to gender marketing we come from the standpoint that one size does not fit all. We applaud the fact that more and more brands are waking up to the massive potential of gender marketing.

While we field separate teams for women's marketing and men's marketing, our menu of services is exactly the same. It ranges from PR to web marketing and advertising to brand creation.

For more information on female marketing services email Elspeth Brown. For more information on male marketing services email Gordon Beattie or call 1-800 400 3831.


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