Reinventing Direct Marketing

We have pushed the boundaries of direct marketing so that it embraces a lot more than direct mail, leaflet drops and email campaigns.

Our direct marketing cocktail includes:

  • Direct mail
  • Leaflet drops
  • Email
  • Telemarketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Word of mouth

We see direct marketing as anything which allows you to speak direct to customers and prospective customers.

What's more, we can increase the impact of direct marketing by integrating it with the wider PR and marketing mix.

We have been involved in direct marketing for more years than we'd care to admit and we are as enthusiastic about it today as we were two decades ago.

Direct marketing gets us excited because it is cost effective, measurable and versatile.

It is so easy to test campaign ideas on small audiences to prove they work before rolling them out to larger audiences.

We can help you with every aspect of direct marketing:

  • Campaign creation
  • Campaign testing
  • Campaign delivery
  • Database creation
  • Database interrogation and cleansing

If you want free advice about direct marketing - give us a call.

If you want our take on how to improve your direct marketing results - get in touch.

You will find we are more than happy to share our knowledge, creative ideas and direct marketing philosophy. 


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