Taking The Worry Out Of A Crisis

We manage more crisis situations than any PR agency in the country - but you won't find us talking about them.

When it comes to crisis management, discretion is essential.

We are totally discreet but that's not why companies and business leaders call us in. They turn to Only Communications because of our wise counsel and exceptional media management skills.

We know our way around the internet and the traditional media like no one else.

We aim to kill a crisis dead - before it gets public legs and grabs the headlines.

If that can't be done, we will bring about closure, protecting our clients from further damage as quickly as possible.

Our job does not stop there, of course. We then implement a brand recovery program so that with time the crisis disappears and is totally forgotten.

Over the years we have managed thousands of crisis situations - everything from terrorist incidents to product recalls and financial fraud to sexual embarrassments.  


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