Defending & Enhancing Your Corporate Brand

Many of the world's biggest companies use Only Communications to defend and enhance the value of their corporate brands.

One of the reasons they select us is because we operate a highly sophisticated media monitoring service that allows us to monitor tens of thousands of news, websites, social media sites and chat forums 24 hours a day.

It means we can swing into action to defend a brand if it is under attack and we can seize opportunities to enhance the value of the brand the moment promotional opportunities break.

Our team is on standby to handle online consumer complaints the moment disappointed customers fire off a tweet or post an angry message on Facebook.  It takes most brands 48 hours to respond to customer complaints, we enable your brand to respond within two hours.

In addition to customer support staff our team includes more 20 former journalists drawn from the world of newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and the web. No one knows more about corporate brand management than Only Communications.

We have out finger on the pulse of the media and we can speak direct to every mass media outlet - traditional and digital. At the same time, we can reach out to individuals who may be impacting your brand for good or ill.

Your corporate brand is your most valuable asset and the value of that brand can be inflated or deflated by what is being said in the print, broadcast or digital media.

We're here to rebut and remove unfair criticism and deliver positive messages that will enhance the value of your corporate brand.

Our corporate brand management skills are finely honed as every day we add value to the brands we protect.

The corporate graveyard is full to overflowing with corporate brands which failed to survive the test of time.

We're here to ensure your brand not only survives but goes from strength to strength.    


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