Passionate About Consumer PR & Marketing

If one word sums up the consumer team at Only Communications, that word is - passionate.

We began life as passionate consumers when we were little more than knee high. To this day, the consumer environment dominates our lives whether we are working, playing, eating, exercising, sleeping or dreaming.

When it comes to PR and marketing, we make no apology for being a one trick pony. We love what we do and we would be totally miserable in the b2b paddock or the corporate stable.

We are as happy whether we are promoting baby's nappies, children's lollipops, exotic undies, spectacles to improve your vision or the latest entertainment gismo.

We represent many of the biggest names in the high street not to mention some of the best-known brands in the world - Edam, Simple, TENA, Mentos, Panasonic, Hewlett-Packard, Disney, and Viagra to name but a few.

Please visit it to find out more about our online and offline consumer PR services as well as the retailers we represent.

You'll also find out about the brands we represent

We like to think of ourselves as the ultimate consumer boutique - in reality, we are probably more like a department store because of the range of services we offer.

We are a new generation communications consultancy integrating PR with a wide range of marketing services to give our clients more bang for their buck - everything from advertising to direct mail and product reviews to word-of-mouth.

Your customers get their news, gossip, bargains, fashion tips, celebrity info etc from a scores of sources. We're interacting with all of these platforms each and every day whether it's social media, journalists, bloggers, fashion critics, magazines, TV and radio shows, consumer websites, web chat and, of course, mobile.

If you are looking for an integrated consumer PR and marketing agency - look no further than Only Communications. 


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