Brands Are Much More Than A Logo

We are a branding agency but, unlike others, our involvement can last a lifetime.

We don't just create brands, we launch them, nurture them, refresh them and enhance their value.

You can find out how we create brands by visiting our dedicated website Only Branding

Here, however, we would like to focus on how we can help you build value into a brand.

We start by finding out what you intend doing with your brand - driving sales, increasing market share or gaining customer recognition, for instance. We help:

  • Brand leaders put clear water between themselves and the competition
  • Challenger brands move into top spot and dominate their marketplace
  • Companies create and launch new brands
  • Entrepreneurs build brands that are going to be sold

When we know the end game or, at least your vision for the next few years, we can develop key messages and start putting a marcoms strategy in place to promote your brand while staying true to the brand values.

We will take into account:

  • The direction in which the brand is going
  • Who the brand is directed at
  • It's positioning and price point in the marketplace
  • Where it fits with the rest of your range
  • The countries or regions you will be targeting

Having developed the strategy we can then focus on the tactics - integrated PR and marketing to ensure you get maximum returns from your investment.

We have been working with many of our clients for more than a decade. We have dozens of case studies that we can share with you.

At Only Communications, we don't just create logos - we create and build brands.


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