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We are recognized as the world's No1 education marketing and student recruitment agency. We operate under two brands - 11ten and Only Educate.

We work with more than 100 schools, colleges and universities including Ivy League schools in the US, ancient seats of learning such as Oxford in England and St Andrews in Scotland, INSEAD business school in Europe, KAUST in Saudi Arabia not to mention the three top business schools in Asia.

We spearhead marketing and student recruitment campaigns in the US and overseas on behalf of for-profit institutions across the United States. Our clients include Kaplan, University of Phoenix, the University of South Florida and SBBC in California.

These institutions use us because of our intimate knowledge of the international student marketplace around the globe as well as our extensive range of specialist PR, social media, web marketing and student recruitment services

These services include PR, media relations, web marketing, email, advertising, media buying, market research, mobile marketing, social media marketing and content marketing. We even have a specialist career advisory call center.

If building your national and global education brand is important or if recruiting international students is on your agenda, we have the industry knowledge, the marketing ability, recruitment skills and the international knowledge to ensure you achieve your goals. 

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